This award seeks to recognize, in Latin America and the Caribbean, the inspiring initiatives in which companies, foundations and institutes work together with communities to build more sustainable and equitable environments.

The fourth edition of the Prize received more than 92 applications from 13 countries in the region. For the first time, the Prize was opened to companies and foundations not members of RedEAmérica, and Vicente Lucci Foundation was invited to participate in the category “Sustainable Business and Communities”, with the program “Regional Livestock Entrepreneur”.

“We want to express our appreciation to you for the initiative. In this scenario of good experiences, you have very good reasons to celebrate this recognition and be proud of the path you have taken”

Margareth Florez
Executive Director of the RedEAmerica.

Our experience

Our Program is intended for the training of producers in Northern Argentina, as well as for the sustainable development of agricultural and livestock production in the region, in order to provide their own support at an economic level, through the formation of a profitable, propitious activity also for the local economy. Together with 12 public and private institutions, this proposal seeks to develop genuine employment in rural communities, avoiding the migration of families to cities, due to labor shortages.