Financial Education Program

For almost 9 years, in alliance with the BBVA bank and the Barrio Aeropuerto school (located on the outskirts of the city of Banda del Río Salí, Tucumán) we benefit, through a stipend, secondary level students who are in risk of dropping out of school and in a situation of economic vulnerability.

The program promotes the incorporation of skills, competencies and knowledge of financial concepts, which allow young people to acquire values ​​associated with the good use, administration and saving of money, promoting their integration into society and facilitating their permanence in the education system.

Our goal, as a financial institution, is to foster positive social change, so we promote in young people the value of forming themselves intellectually and developing professionally”

María Martha Deleonardis
Deputy Manager of Responsible Business at BBVA in Argentina.

From Foundation Vicente Lucci we complement the scope of this program with workshops on job projection, which include topics such as curriculum development, job interviews, entrepreneurship, among others, and thus prepare young people for the future.

With these tools we seek to reduce the rates of school dropout, absenteeism and repetition, as well as increase the academic performance of young people, strengthening fundamental values ​​such as education and personal effort”

Patricia Condorí, Responsible Vicente Lucci Foundation

+100 fellows since 2011

* Data obtained from 68/100 former fellows surveyed

Technological development in rural schools

Since 2018, together with the Lucci Group Systems area, we carry out the recycling and reconditioning of computers and printers of the company in disuse. They are donated to schools located in the communities of our areas of influence, achieving the double objective of reducing the digital divide in rural areas, and at the same time mitigating the environmental impact of electronic waste generated in our organization.

In an integral work with the beneficiary institutions, with access to new technologies it is possible to respond to different educational needs, promoting integration and technological knowledge, understanding education and information as tools of great cultural value, and social and labor inclusion.

-22 schools benefited

-85 computers

-25 printers

-Projection: 25 more teams until the end of 2019

Regional Livestock Entrepreneurs Program – Finalist 2019 in the category “Business and Sustainable Communities”

We were rewarded for our contribution to the development of communities, through the construction of more sustainable and equitable environments.