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This action aims at strengthening the link between technical education and the world of production in order to achieve greater integration.

We contribute to SDG 4, Quality Education, by providing young people with tools for developing their skills for labour market insertion.

In September 2023, we signed agreements with three agro-technical schools from the area of influence of Grupo Lucci’s agricultural production centres.

In this way, we began to develop internships and achieved the introduction of young people from the communities to the labour market and our activities.

Viluco’s internships are oriented to learning about:

  • The production processes carried out and sustainable agriculture management.
  • The implementation of technologies in agriculture.
  • The definition and measurement of relevant indicators.

Scope of the Internships

2 students from Los Pizarros Agro-technical School in La Cocha, in the south of Tucumán, did their internship in Las Marías Establishment.

2 students from Agro-technical School No. 3,167 in Las Lajitas, in the north of Salta, did their internship in Pozo de La Espuela Establishment.

2 students from Soldado Cajal Agro-technical School in Las Cejas, in the east of Tucumán, did their internship in Coromama Establishment.

Duration: 200 hours of professional practice from September to December.

“With this practice, students broaden their skills and, in this way, they live experiences similar to the ones they will face in the future in terms of work. Young people have access to new learnings and can perform tasks based on what they have learned”.

Patricia Condori, Head of Fundación Vicente Lucci.

“I believe in the future of Argentina based on education and the development of these young people who are getting ready to live with those skills for the rest of their lives. We want to leave a footprint in the training of new generations and challenge them to keep studying in spite of all the obstacles. Dreams can come true if we try hard”.

Ramiro Aznar, Agriculture Manager.

Really Positive Results

As a result of a joint work with the schools, the Ministries of Education of Salta and Tucumán, the company and Fundación Vicente Lucci, we managed to plan actions for students properly by means of this new learning environment.

“For students, it is crucial to do internships, since they are their only contact with the labour market where they can learn values and about the working culture. We want to thank the company for offering the school such a big learning opportunity”.

Nancy Jiménez, Headteacher at Agro-technical School No. 3,167 in Las Lajitas, Salta.

20 Years of Fundación Vicente Lucci

2023 has been a very special year in our history because we have celebrated our 20 years of work and growth.

Fundación Vicente Lucci’s annual plan has an impact on rural communities by contributing to equitable and sustainable development in northwestern Argentina (NOA).

At Fundación Vicente Lucci, we are grateful because all our path has been possible thanks to the interaction with allied institutions and volunteers who joined the project.

Celebrating with Strategic Partners

“Every anniversary is a milestone, and we want to take this opportunity to reflect on the present and future of education, in order to look for new challenges to continue working through Fundación Vicente Lucci and reaffirming Grupo Lucci’s social commitment”.

Daniel Lucci and Pablo Lucci

In an event where over 80 people were invited to celebrate our 20th anniversary, program beneficiaries, headteachers, teachers, volunteers, partners and Grupo Lucci’s leaders shared a moment of reflection on the present and future of education.

During the meeting, Rosana Hadad Salomón, Engineer, Director at Instituto Superior de Educación Tecnológica de Tucumán (ISET) and winner of the Inspiring Leader-Globant award, talked about the new trends in the labour and education market and how such changes run throughout and have an impact on all of society.

Main Areas of Work

  • Education.
  • Labour Inclusion & Entrepreneurship.
  • Citizen Engagement.

“Our work is not only limited to education and entrepreneurship. We have also promoted citizen engagement by encouraging communities to get involved with other organisations of local development. We have fostered collaboration among the different sectors in society, promoting dialogue and collective construction”.

Patricia Condorí.