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Educating in values

We strengthen educational, social and labour integration. We answer children’s needs through our own educational programs and strategic alliances, providing schools with study materials for educators and for each of the beneficiaries, with the aim of helping them open new roads.

Primary Level

6 to 11-year-old children

We work with children and youngsters at each stage of childhood and adolescence, by addressing topics according to their socio-developmental age.

Respecting Diversity


We strengthen education in tolerance and non-discrimination, respect for diversity and knowledge of different cultures.

Sustainable Communities


We generate in children an active role regarding society and the environment. We support the development of communities and their protagonists, with the aim of developing abilities from childhood.

Environmental Health


We promote healthy and sporting habits, which generate a sense of responsibility for the care of our resources.

Go Eco


We establish rules of friendly coexistence with our environment, understanding that our resources involve all aspects of human life.

Prevention of Child Labour


We seek to denaturalize child labour in rural communities by detailing the physical, mental and social consequences suffered by working children.

Values and Identity


We want to extol cultural values, convey respect for regional beliefs and strengthen community inclusion and development.

Secondary Level

12 to 17-year-old teenagers

We support teenagers by developing projects for the strengthening of their self-esteem and by showing them a wide range of educational and working possibilities.

Responsible and Civic Citizenship


We propose a responsible citizenship in search of social order and peace.

Prevention is Life. Addictions I


We work towards preventing addictions in youth, who are vulnerable to illegal drugs, tobacco and alcohol.

Prevention is Life. Addictions II


We work towards preventing addictions in youth, who are vulnerable to illegal drugs, tobacco and alcohol.

The Rural North Entrepreneurship


We promote the spirit of entrepreneurship, not only in looking for employment but also in generating it.

Job Prospects


We provide basic tools for job searching.

Education For and Through Work


We reinforce tools that aid and strengthen labour-market integration.